Catholic Committee on Scouting and Camp Fire
This page contains links to information on the spiritual component of scouting, and links to information on the religious programs for scouts.  Most of these files are in PDF or HTML format. The Acrobat Reader is required to read the PDF files. Some of these files are large and may take some time to open. To save the file to your PC, right-click on the link and select the "Save Target As..." menu item.
Catholic Scouting Resources
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Spiritual Growth in Scouting:
Catholic Scouting - Teaching Values  (721KB)
Scouting for Catholic Youth  (268KB)
Boy Scouts in Action with the Holy Spirit  (564KB)
Scouting Be-Attitudes / Bill of Responsibilities  (210KB)
The MacScouter's Big "A Scout is Reverent" Resource Book  (349KB)
Religious Programs:
FAQ - Religious Programs for Youth in Santa Clara County
Boy Scout Program Summary Slides - Diocese of San Jose
Program Summary Flyer (111KB)
Catholic Scouting in the Diocese of San Jose  (544KB)

Boy Scout Emblem Requirements  (307KB)
Venturing Program for Religious Organizations  (587KB)
Religious Emblems Program (Vietnamese Translation)  << NEW
Boy Scout Religious Emblems Programs - All Faiths
Girl Scout Religious Emphasis Projects - All Faiths
Chaplin Resources For Scouting Related Religious Events   (1577KB)

"Promoting Duty to God (Religious Emblems)" Video by PRAY and BSA
Diocese of San Jose Counselor Application  (21KB)
Golden Bow Award (128KB)
Pope Paul VI National Catholic Quality Unit Award  (187KB)  << Changed in 2007
National Gold Medallion Award  (309KB)
Bronze Pelican Award  (19KB)
St. George Emblem  (754KB)
International Awareness Activity  (295KB)
Footsteps of American Saints Activity Program (NCCS)
Biennial St. George Trek (NCCS)